Saturday, July 28, 2012

Overboard on glitter layering

Welcome to my new blog!! 

I'm about to show you some awesome layering.  Shall we begin?  

2 coats of Contrary Polish Gilded Oak, a plummy brown color with lots of gold shimmer.  Formula was just a bit thicker than I'd like so 2 drops of thinner came in handy.


Direct Sunlight
I couldn't just stop there .. so I first layered with F4 Chocolate Cherry which is a clear base with brown fine glitters and fine pink matte glitter.  (Sorry, forgot to take pictures before the next layering) Topped everything off with a coat of Elevation Polish Froze to Death which describes as a clear base with multi colored tiny particle glitter, iridescent hex, small and medium white hex and white bar glitter.
Direct Sunlight
Thank you for dropping by.



Anonymous said...

Gilded Oak looks so beautiful on you! I love the layering combo too. Looking forward to seeing more pretty pictures/combos! :)

Vicky Au said...

Thank you !! :)

Lacquer Lockdown said...

You know how I feel about this mani - absolutely insane! You are so brilliant at picking out layerings! Get busy missy and show us some more lol! And congrats on staring your blog. I am so excited for you!

Vicky Au said...

Thank you thank you :)