Sunday, August 26, 2012

Contrary Polish spam - the entire collection !!

Hello :)  Today, I have 6 beautiful shades to show you.  This is going to be picture heavy !!  Are you ready?  Pictures are shown with 2 coats with topcoat.

Bright Night - deep blue with aqua and silver shimmer

 Creeping Moss - olive green with pink and copper shimmer - it looks more grey than olive green on me
 Firebrand - dark rasberry red with red and pink shimmer
Gilded Oak - plummy brown with golden shimmer - was featured on my very first blog post too :)
Inky Fingers - blurple with blue and green shimmer
Purple Smoke - blue grey with purple and blue shimmer
I absolutely love every single one of them.  Did I mention these are jellies???  YUMMY !! Formula/application were flawless after a couple drops of thinner.  I bought these about 2 months ago (I think) and when I first tried on Purple Smoke, it was dragging and wasn't self-leveling, so I emailed Carrie.  She suggested that a couple drops of thinner would do the trick and it did.  I bet she has already fixed this minor problem!

Contrary Polish is now available over at Llarowe's shop for $12/bottle and CP's Facebook page here.

Which one is your favorite?  Thank you for dropping by !!


Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

Omg..these are gorgeous! I love them all and need to buy them!

Boombastic Nails said...

They are !! Such nice Fall colors !! Thx Jen :)

Steamy Nails said...

OMG. These actually surprised me, didn't expect them to be so rich in color! Love <3

Boombastic Nails said...

They're absolutely gorgeous with such rich in color !! Thx :)

Lacquer Lockdown said...

Lol I thought you might do these sometime soon! You are the only person I know that really was onto contrary polishes way before they got popular ;) You better so off all the pretty combo's too! Great swatches.

Boombastic Nails said...

Hehe !! Thx Tamira :)

Lorraine said...

These are gorgeous! thanks for the amazing swatches. loving gilded oak, purple smoke. so unique

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Thx Lorraine :)