Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daring Digits + D&R Apothecary

Hello :)  It has been SOOOO hot and will be for the next few days, argh !!  And EARTHQUAKES !!!!  I didn't feel the ones from last night but felt the one from this morning !!  That was scary and our furry friends got scared too :( Anyway, enough of me complaining ...  Let's see what I have for you today ..

2 coats of Daring Digits Antiqued Gold - an antiqued gold creme - looks very greenish on me and brush strokey which isn't too bad though.
wanted to try the black background
 Topped with a coat of D&R Apothecary LE Ametrine - purple shards, mini orange, fine purple and yellow, and medium grape purple hex glitters - this was only on sale this past weekend from Aug 3rd ~ 5th.  I was lucky that I got my hands on some but do check her shop, she has a LOT of polishes !!
Bottle shot

What do you think?

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Lacquer Lockdown said...

Wow I love Ametrina that mix is so cool! I don't own any of the D&R's but they are so pretty!

Elaine said...

The Daring Digits definitely looks better on top of black (I think because it looks less yellow) - I don't think I could wear a green with that much yellow, but it looks elegant on you. :-) The D&R Apothecary looks great on top of it - I just got some of theirs in that I must try!

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

Yay I found you! I love seeing your layering combinations! I've been meaning to buy from D&R, but there's just so many to choose from! I like the Daring Digits polish with the black background!

Boombastic Nails said...

Thank you Tamira !!

Boombastic Nails said...

yea you're right Elaine, this color looks better with the black background :) Thank you :)

Boombastic Nails said...

Awww, thank you Jennifer :)