Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Utopia's Polish

Hello !!  Lovely Virginia from Utopia's Polish (thank you !!) sent me these 3 mini's for review.  She just put up a new collection this past weekend so be sure to drop by her Etsy shop.  On to the pictures ...

L~R Tequila Sunrise - a yellow jelly base with lots orange, coral, pink, red, maroon hexes, squares micro holo, pink, orange glitter.

Indian Summer - a clear base with lots orange, coral, pink, green, blue, gold, silver hexes & bars, micro glitter, coral hearts, peacock diamonds.

Secret of the Sea - a clear base with lots blue, teal, mint hexes, squares, and diamonds, teal and white bars, some holographic squares and hexes micro glitters.

2 coats of Picture Polish Mellow Yellow - a soft yellow creme and I like it on me :)
Topped with a coat of Tequila Sunrise - the combo looks ok ...
 2 coats of OPI Number One Nemesis - a sparkling metallic nickel with gold particles shade - what took me so long to wear this???  I LOVE IT !! 
Topped with a coat of Indian Summer - LOVE the combo :)
2 coats of Jessica Sky High - a soft blue creme
Topped with Secret of the Sea
My favorite of the bunch is Secret of the Sea.  It is very sparkly !!  I have the products linked above except Tequila Sunrise which is out of stock.  I'm not sure when and if she'll bring it back.

By the way, I just bought a new light box so how do you guys like the pictures?  Still can't figure out why the picture background is grey BUT it matches the layout of my blog LOL !!

What do you guys think?

Thank you for dropping by.



Lacquer Lockdown said...

I love the Indian Summer/Number One Nemesis combo! I just wouldn't have thought of that! Tequila Sunrise is also really pretty. Ironically I find Secret of the Sea to be the least appealing as I feel I have a lot of polishes like that in my collection. Your swatches look great though - guess the tent thingy worked out?

Elaine said...

All very pretty! I really like all the combo's - even Mellow Yellow/Tequila Sunrise. I could picture wearing that if the picture polish would work on my skin tone - I may take the plunge and look for a butter yellow creme to try. The Jessica is the perfect undie for Secret of the Sea! The blue highlights, rather than hides, the glitters.
Your nails are getting so long! I think you have me beat, since I filed them down quite a bit on Monday. :-)

Boombastic Nails said...

Thank you !! Yes the tent is working out :) Even though I have a lot of similar polishes like the Secret of the Sea, I never get tired of any blue combo :)

Boombastic Nails said...

Thank you !! Mellow Yellow would work on your skin tone, I think. Yes I need to chop down my nails :)