Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Braided mani - Orly Mineral FX Collection 2011

Hello :)  Hope everyone had a great long weekend !

Today I will be showing you my first braided mani using the Orly Mineral FX Collection 2011.  I picked these up a year ago when I first got into nail polishes.  Here are the colors:

Rock Solid - a gunmetal grey with shimmer and a bit of holo glitter;
Rococo A-Go-Go - a dark purple with multichromatic glass flecks;
Stone Cold - a shimmery blue with blue flakie/glitter.

2 coats of each individual color & I chose the middle finger to do the accent was because it has the most real estate

I broke the ring finger nail AGAIN this past weekend, blame it on housework!!  I had to file it down that's why my nail length is uneven.  The other nails are filed as far down as they could.

I think it turned out ok.  Perhaps thinner lines would've looked better .... What do you think?

Thank you for dropping by.


Jenn, Paperbacks and Polish said...

I love this! The colours you chose for the braid are awesome, they go so well together.

Boombastic Nails said...

Thx Jenn :)

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

Love the color choices! All the polishes you chose are gorgeous and have such pretty shimmers/glass flecks!!

Boombastic Nails said...

Thx Jen :)

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

Haha the most real estate =) These colors look awesome together, love the braided accent nail too!

Lacquer Lockdown said...

Gorgeous! I have all of these and I love em and you know I'm always a fan of the braided fishtail ;)

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Hehe thanks Jacqui :)

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

I only have 4 from this collex and couldn't believe they weren't used!!! Thanks Tamira :)