Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sonoma Nail Art - Halloween Collection 2012

Hello :)  Let's start the weekend with some awesome polishes !!

Today I have the Sonoma Nail Art Halloween Collection to show you.  I was really really lucky to have gotten these because there were only 10 sets available !!  Let's get started, shall we?

Halloween in the Vines - a purple tinted base with purple, grey & black glitter; this is over 2 coats of Barielle Expressive - a violet creme
This is my favorite of the bunch - Sincerest Pumpkin Patch - a green tinted base with orange and green glitter; over 2 coats of Barielle Green with Envy - a mossy green creme
Deadly Zins - a red tinted base with red, plum and black glitter; over 2 coats of China Glaze Adventure Red-Y - a medium red creme
Here Lies Robert - a clear base with black, moss, grey & gold glitter; over 2 coats of Zoya Evvie - a dark grey with teal green undertone creme
Lastly as a BONUS - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - a clear base with blue, green & white glitter; over 2 coats of Illamasqua Monogamous - a matte flesh pink but not matte anymore
Since I don't have many red polishes, I did a bad job with Deadly Zins.  I do need to add more reds into my life !!

I'm not sure when Michelle's next restock is but here's her Facebook page & her Etsy shop.

What do you think of these?

Thank you for dropping by.


Rhonda (nailsbeautiqued) said...

I had no idea these polishes where this beautiful. You make these look delicious. I want the collection now. Fabulous!! :D

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

Must have all the Sonomas!! I only was able to get 2 out of the 4! I must complete the set!

Jessie - Nailed it NZ said...

Oh I love the green one - but they're all amazing!

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Thank you so much Rhonda :)

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Which two did you get? You must complete the set. She's restocking on the 20th !! Good luck Jen :)

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Yes they are Jessie :)

Lacquer Lockdown said...

Great undies V everything looks beautiful! Ugh I want these so badly! I hope she's still selling them as sets in october... Are these your first sonoma's? I can't remember who was telling me before it's hard to get them. Lol you gotte be fast at her restocks ;) I have most of them but still so many more to go before the collection is complete! I am dying for Sister Sparkle!!!!

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

No, I have 8 others and yes, one day I will own Sister Sparkle!!! Thanks Tamira :)

Lizzy O. said...

The Purple is my absolute favorite. AMAZING.

You have beautiful nails.

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Oh yes, I love purple myself and thank you for your comment Lizzy :)