Saturday, September 29, 2012

Utopia's Polish Beautiful Nature Collection

Hello :)  Let's start the weekend with some beautiful polishes !!

Today I am showing you Utopia's Polish Beautiful Nature Collection which consists of 6 shades.   I purchased these as soon as they were up on her Etsy shop.  Photographs are shown with 1~2 coats of base color,  a coat of glitter then a topcoat.

WARNING:  A total of 394 photographs were taken but ONLY 7~15 came out acceptable !!  These were quite difficult to photograph !!

Gouldian - a clear base with holographic hexes/squares/bars in various colors, fine holo glitter & mica, over Barielle Sweet Addiction - a green creme
Galah - a clear base with pink hearts, large white hexes, holographic purple & silver hexes/squares/bars, fine holo glitter & mica, over OPI My Very First Knockhurst - a pale pink 
 Eclectus - a clear base with pink & purple holographic hearts/butterflies (not many in my bottle,) hexes/squares/bars & fine holo glitter, over Deborah Lippmann Pop Life - a bright pink
 Amazon - a clear base with green, red, pink, blue hexes/squares/bars, silver holo glitter & fine holo glitter, over OPI Thanks a Windmillion - a dusty light green
Royal Gramma - a clear base with purple, yellow, gold hexes/squares/bars, silver holo glitter, fine holo glitter & mica, over SpaRitual Lucid - a lilac blue 
 Gerbera Daisy - a clear base with pink, purple, yellow matte, gold flake glitter/holo, fine holo glitter & mica, over Zoya Kate - a coral jelly
This one isn't part of this collection but I bought it with my order.  Snow Fairy -  a clear base with white hearts, white, pink hexes/squares/bars, silver holo glitter, fine holo glitter & mica, over OPI Sparrow Me the Drama - a medium pink 
I can't pick my favorite because these are just AWESOME !!  Well, my least favorite would be Eclectus ..  No issue with application & formula was great.  

Which one is your favorite so far?  What do you think of these combos?

Thank you for dropping by.


Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

I can't decided which is my favorite! They all look so cute and you layered them so well! I really like Snow Fairy, Royal Gramma and Amazon! What a nice collection!

glitznglam said...

Oh my goodness Vicky, do you see all those hearts? You know I love my heart glitters! These are simply PERFECT. I defanitley need to try out some utopias. Your swatches are always perfect! <3

Lexie @ Blackfox Nails said...

Omg they are all gorgeous! I think my favorites are Amazon and Galah :)

Jessie - Nailed it NZ said...

Wow, 394 photos? That's a lot! I hate when photos don't work out properly :(.
My favourites are Gouldian and Royal Gramma!

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

I still can't decide which is my favorite too !! Thx Jennifer :)

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Heart glitters are the best !! It is a very nice collection, I tell ya :) Thank you so much Sammi :)

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Great picks !! Thx Lexie :)

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Photos were all blurry because of the holo glitter & mica. It was just a bad LOL !!!! Thx Jessie :)

Arletta said...

I love Gouldian and Snow Fairy well Snow Fairy isn't part of this collection so I think Gouldian is my favourite then :)

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Hehe those are both gorgeous Arletta :)

Aioka Iemanja said...

I`m crazy about all af them! You`re a Miracle-Worker of Manicure!

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

You're too nice Aioka !