Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello :)  Hubby and I had our Valentine's Day dinner Tuesday already since he has to work on that day and will most likely come home late.  He got me my favorite flowers on Tues - Tulips - 30 of them !!!  Plus I will show you a mani which I wore to our dinner.  Here is what I used:

China Glaze Dance Baby - a bright pink creme;
Dermelect Luxurious - a lilac creme;
OPI Alpine Snow - a white creme;
Pink rhinestones - heart shaped.

Must show off my pretty flowers - had to put them in 2 vases; these are staying in my nail polish room with door closed to keep them away from Riley (one of our cats) - he loves to bite the leaves :(
Remember I broke my pointer?  Please don't look at the nail shape because the left corner is missing !!  (Now that I pointed it out, you must have looked lol !!)

For the water marble on the middle finger, I painted a coat of OPI Alpine Snow, then in the water one drop each of the shades.  It turned out very light but I still loved it.  I'm sure you could tell what I did with the rest of the mani.
 Happy Valentine's Day !!  Thank you for dropping by :)


maRyya said...

So cute :)

Natalia said...

Gorgeous mani! so feminine, and the tulips are fab!

My Nail Polish Online said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
I love everything about your manicure! Very pretty!

Vicky A said...

Thank you so much girls :)

Polished Marvels said...

Super cute and chanelling the Valentine vibe perfectly - Tulips belong to my favorite Flowers as well and Nell, our cat, loves munching leaves as well = no flowers here since he can roam all rooms of our flat ;-)

Amber Thompsen said...

I too did some similar sort of nail paint, but I choose Black and Red. Came out really nice.

Cristina Santos said...

So sweet, 30 tulips! :) And your mani was as sweet too! :) Kisses