Thursday, February 7, 2013

Julep Classic with a Twist Maven Box - Feb 2013 + Glitter

Hello :)  Today I will be reviewing my Feb 2013 Julep Classic with a Twist Maven box.  This is a monthly subscription for $19.99 and you get to choose which style you'd like for the month.  You will also have the option to skip.  My profile is Classic with a Twist and I usually stay with it.  Here's what I received in my February box:

Claudette - a smoky brick red creme;
Helen - a smoky pastel lavender creme;
Oxygen Nail Treatment - Complete nail care and make-up all in one bottle. Made with a patented Hexanal formulation, nails are restructured to a stronger, thicker, and smoother condition in just one stroke. Advanced plant stem cell complex provides anti-aging benefits, while ground-breaking oxygen technology forms a nonocclusive film on the nail, proving resistant to water penetration and improving the permeability to oxygen. Results are nails that are structurally stronger, and less prone to breakage and splitting;
Claudette - 2 coats topped with Julep Freedom topcoat
 A coat of Pahlish Lovesong Writer - a red jelly base with red squares, bars, strings, hex, fuchsia hex, burnt orange hex, pink shimmer; topped with a coat of Gelous then Poshe topcoat
This might have already discontinued since I couldn't find it in her Etsy shop.  Look at my bottle, it still has the old label on it
 Helen - 2 coats topped with Freedom topcoat
A coat of Nostalgic Lust - a clear base with tiny holographic bits, purple squares and various sizes of hexes in pink and purple; topped with a coat of Gelous then Poshe topcoat
Looks like this is another discontinued shade - couldn't find it in her shop
I have yet to try the Oxygen Nail Treatment (basecoat) - I have to wait til I finish my Julep regular basecoat first before I open another bottle.  I'm weird like that - I could open 5 other topcoats at the same time but not basecoats :)

It's been a while since I put some Indie glitter on so it was actually very exciting to revisit my melmers :)  

What do you think?  Thank you for dropping by :)


Elena Hruscheva said...

I like that polishes! Beautiful colors!

Nails Beautiqued said...

Pretty swatches. I love the red glitter over the red creme.

Lol! that you have to use up a bottle of basecoat before opening up another :)

My Nail Polish Online said...

I love everything pink/lavender right now so I'm really in love with Helen! With Lust over it it's magical!

Tuxarina said...

Love that lavender! I'm really curious how that oxygen treatment is!

Polished Marvels said...

Love both Juleps on ya :-)!!!

Nicole Nearly Nailed said...

That brick red would look fab mattified. I'm not a Julep Maven, I'm way too picky to get random polishes!!

Jessie M said...

I'm the same as Nicole, I'm too picky to sign up for Julep! I must say, these are very pretty though.

maRyya said...

the last one is awesome :)

Vicky A said...

Thank you so much ladies :)