Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bestie Nails - Blasian Color Nation

Hello :)  Happy Easter !!  I have a little something different for you today.  Tamira from Lacquer Lockdown and I decided to get together and do a Bestie Nail.  One picks the color(s), the other picks the theme and both must agree on a date for the post.  In our case, Tamira picked all the colors and I picked using striping/scotch tape, and later we both agreed to bling away.  Also we emailed photos to each other only the night before the post.  Then you'll see how close/far apart your mani's are.  How fun !!

By the way, what is 'Blasian Color Nation' on the post title? Well, it was Tamira's idea .. Blasian = Black (Tamira) and Asian (me, I know I know, it's hard to believe this Asian has such a dark skin tone) and 'Color Nation' represents all the colors in these mani's :)  Let's take a look, shall we?

Tamira's taped water marble = GORGEOUS.  Honestly, I don't have the patience to do this.  GREAT job !!
I went for just a plain mani using striping tapes, painted with shades from light to dark, removed the tapes and added square rhinestones
OPI My Vampire is Buff is the base color
Our patterns are pretty far apart but have you noticed our colors?  We're only off by one color, red (hers) vs pink !!

I met Tamira through a nail polish forum a while ago and she is a very nice and sweet person !!  I'm very lucky to have her in my life.  We text but we haven't met in person, one day we will !!  She was the one who named my blog back in July 2012 when I was thinking of blogging.  Miss T, I can't thank you enough for everything :)

What do you think of our mani's?  Thank you for dropping by  :)


Natalia said...

I love both very much!

Polished Marvels said...

Awesome idea, beautiful manis!!!! I hope the two of you will come up with more Blasian posts in the future!!!

glitznglam said...

How fun I love your Blasian manis!!!

maRyya said...

they're both cute <3

Heather @ Peace, Love & Polish said...

I really love your mani! I now want to try to do this!

papercranesx said...

The Bestie Nail idea is really cute! Look forward to more (:

I prefer your mani though! Guess it's cause I prefer a simpler design ^^ But Tamira's patience to do that water marble is WOW.

Lena Payne said...

Both are beautiful!

My Nail Polish Online said...

How pretty! I love both manicures!

Artemilly said...