Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review of NCLA Nail Wraps

**press samples**

Hello :)  Today I have a couple of NCLA nail wraps to show you.  These were sent to me by Sean from Nail Polish Canada - they do have a wide selection of NCLA nail wraps plus polishes - everything nail related.  

I have never used nail wraps so I will be showing you my very first application so you have an idea of what to expect.  Be warned this is going to be a picture heavy and lengthy post.  

One package comes with 44 individual wraps with 11 different sizes.  Instructions on the package:
  • Clean your nails with nail polish remove.  Apply a coat of clear nail polish.  (I used my regular base coat)
  • Choose correct size for each nail.  Peel from the sheet by the flap.  (There are 11 different sizes)
  • Once in position, firmly flatten the wrap starting from the cuticle.  Nail wrap can be removed and stretched to fit perfectly.  
  • Use the nail file to remove any excess.  File in a downward motion.  Apply another coat of clear polish to seal and shine!  (I used Jessica Dazzle Glistening Topcoat)
Every package comes with a nice file
This is sort of what to expect for the very first application.  The stickers aren't flimsy at all but not thick, a very strong feel and a nice stretch to them.  Let me tell you, I was really surprised how easy the application was !!
Used 11 stickers for my 10 fingers; the extra sticker was for my right middle finger that I kept putting on and pulling off, so I thought better use a new one.
Day 3 shows tip wear, especially the pointer.  Perhaps it was because of the bad application initially.  Surprisingly, only my left pointer suffered the most tip wear, my right hand only had minimal tip wear with all that typing at work!
Below was taken BEFORE another coat of top coat as I thought that could have been the fix but not really.  The corner flipped up again after an hour.
I must say that my nails curve in a weird way.  Especially, both my thumbs, pointers and middle curve with an angle, instead of a smooth round curve.  What can I say?  
During the 2nd application, I paid extra attention to the corners and tips but still, the wraps couldn't handle the curves of my nails.
Day 4 shows tip wear on both pointer and middle, plus my right pointer, middle and ring too.  If you also notice, some edges were starting to peel too which was not noticeable in real life though.
The issue I had with this packet was peeling the stickers off.  Please take a look at below photo then you'll see what I mean.  The backing was stuck on most of them !!  I did manage to do all 10 fingers, however, some were NOT the right sizes, either too small that nail edges were showing or too big that I had to file the sides down.  If you look again at my pointer of this manicure, the sticker was slightly bigger.
I found the YouTube tutorial video by NCLA after these were done, funny !!

Application:  Super duper easy, it only took me about 30 mins to do both hands;
Durability:  If I wasn't reviewing these, I'd put a coat of top coat every 2 days to make them last plus the shiny look, or even everyday.  Exactly what I do to my manicures with regular nail polish when I wear it over 2 days;
Removal:  grab a corner and peel them off gently, some of mine came off as a whole piece and some in small pieces; use nail polish remover to remove any residue from the adhesive;
Price:  US$16 per package; for sure you could get 2 manicures out of one, 3 to 4 if you don't mind the incorrect sizing.

I enjoyed these very much, despite the poor applications.  I loved the easy application and the designs.  Oh, I always wrap my tips when painting with regular nail polish, however with these nail wraps, the tips could never be covered since you file the excess of the nail wraps right at the tips.

Hopefully I've covered everything.  Feel free to comment if you have questions.

What do you think?  Thank you for dropping by :)

**Products were provided for my honest review**


Nails Beautiqued said...

The designs are really pretty on these.

Polished Marvels said...

Hi Vicky, I love the NCLA nailwraps for their colorful designs. Guess what - I had the very same issues with my wraps - no matter how flat or curved my nails (got some flats and some curved ones) - somehow there's always an issue. But as an accent nail, I am very happy with them!!

Teresa Gardner said...

I love the abstract and colorful designs, but probably would use it for an accent nail.