Sunday, September 29, 2013

Incoco Cobra Couture & Jessica Cinnamon Kiss

Hello :)  Today I'm showing you a mani that I did well over a month ago.  You know how much I LOVE Incoco's nail wraps?  Well, I got my mom into it and she totally LOVES the brand too.  She bought about 6 or 7 sets and shared a couple sets with me :)  (She would've shared more but the two were the only sets I liked)  You're probably thinking how she stored the unused wraps without drying out?  Thanks to the Food Vacuum Sealer (not sure what it is called exactly) !!  It's a machine that sucks out all the air in the bag to prevent freezer burn so your food lasts longer.  Well, finally this machine is put to use for nail wraps !!  I waited about 2 weeks to use them after she sealed them, they came out not as sticky as if they were first opened, BUT sticky enough to use.  Actually, I prefer them less sticky because I always need to re-position and these came out PERFECT.

The nail wrap design is called Cobra Couture with 2 coats of Jessica Cinnamon Kiss (from the Spicy Dream Fall Collection 2012) on the pointer & pinky.  Topped everything off with a coat of top coat.
I really don't think I will get tired of nail wraps any time soon !!
Jessica Cinnamon Kiss is a gorgeous dark vampy red with shimmer.
The printing lines were NOT this obvious, only photos would show.  
 I wore these for 5 days and the nail wraps stayed tip wear and chip free.  Nothing changed because they were vacuum sealed.  Now, this machine really comes in handy for nail wraps that are made of nail polish!!  

What do you think?  Thank you for dropping by :)