Tuesday, September 24, 2013

piCture pOlish Splash Review

**press sample**

Hello :)  Today I will be reviewing Splash from piCture pOlish.  Splash is a clear based glitter top coat with medium and small sized bright blue hexes.  I chose to layer a thin coat over Ozotic 903  - a clear base with blue reflecting crystalsfrom the Sugar Collection and here are my swatches.  Let's take a look :)

2 coats of Ozotic 903 were used alone and photos are shown with a top coat.  
 The formula is absolutely great and the glitter spreads evenly.  I wore this for 5 whole days and no sign of tip wear, as expected from this brand!!
Right before I applied the top coat, I had to feel the glitter to see how gritty and sharp they were and guess what??  I could NOT feel a thing!!  They were just flat and I thought it wasn't going to be a 'glitter' removal but I was wrong LOL !!  
How pretty is it in the shade?  I just loved this combo so much!!
piCture pOlish is available on their own website or through their Network members;  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram as well as YouTube to stay connected. 

What do you think?  Thank you for dropping by :)

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