Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Part 1

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Hello :)  Happy New Year !!

Apologize for the unannounced absence AGAIN!!  My left pointer nail kept breaking!!  Right after I did 3 of the 4 reviews from Born Pretty Store, the corner of the nail broke.  It wasn't too deep and I knew it would grow back fast.  When it did a week later, it broke again at the same corner but only this time it was MUCH deeper.  It hurt too !!  Now it's slowly growing back, so Part 2 of this review is coming soon.

Anyway, I have some water decals (of course, right?!) and a nail charm to show you today.  Let's get started!

First up, I have some pretty pink rose water decals, link here; the base color is 2 coats of Essence Cafe Ole.
These water decals were quite sensitive to my Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat; my pinky was ruined (as well as a couple on my right hand) ... Despite the flaw, these were still very pretty! 
Next up, these are full nail water decals, link here (#1618.)  I was surprised that they were clear (not the flower part though), so I placed them over 3 coats of Orly Platinum - a white pearl shimmer.  On the pointer & ring, I have 2 coats of Essie Avenue Maintain.  
Let me warn you that these decals were extremely delicate.  I broke a total of 3 out of 6 decals, so please be careful.  Loved these !!
Lastly, I have a nail charm to show you, link here;  Not sure what the charm is supposed to be, but my guess a fox.  I have 2 coats of Zoya Tao for the base color.
These charms didn't stay on long.  I was sent 4 charms and less than an hour, I lost 3 :(.  I used nail glue too but just didn't hold.  By the 2nd hour, the 4th one was gone :(
 I really loved these before I lost them.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted :)
My coupon code is ZAL91 (banner placed on the top right) which grants you 10% off and always, free worldwide shipping.

What do you think?  Thank you for dropping by :)

**products provided for my honest review**


My Nail Polish Online said...

Oh, the first manicure is to die for!! So cute!
But I really love the other two too :D

mara page said...

I like all three but wouldnt try the third one.Next order I am getting water decals

Natalia said...

I love them all, just impossible to pick a favourite!

Polished Marvels said...

So glad to see you again <3! I am with Ina, the first mani is incredibly pretty but I like all others as well :-)

she.is.the.one said...

this is so cute :) i love it :)

blog she.is.the.one

GoingtotheShowing said...

All of these are gorgeous Vicky!