Monday, May 5, 2014

Nayll Review - Part II

**press samples**

Hello :)  Today I have a couple of Nayll polishes to show you.  If you're not familiar with Nayll, I had a review yesterday introducing this new online store here.  

I will be showing you a couple of polishes created by Sara, the owner, plus discussing the company's own top coat.  Let's get started!

First up, a coat of Malibu Playhouse - a clear base with purple hearts, pink squares & yellow round glitter; over 2 coats of Barielle Jewlie Box.  

Apologize for the bubbles!  I probably applied too much top coat.

I love the color combo, it's so girly and delicate.  LOVE!!!
Here's Teeni Weeni Martini - a clear base with round green, purple and tiny gold glitters; over 2 coats of Essie Navigate Her.
Another beauty!  I really LOVED the whole manicure.  Wore these for over 5 days!
Had to add a few drops of thinner in these two glitter polishes ....

Let's talk about Sara's top coat, Smooth It Out Glitter Topcoat, this smooths it out with just one coat!  You could still feel the bumps though, but you won't get cut or caught in fabric, hair or anything like that.  It is indeed excellent and it is also quick drying!

On the 3rd day of having this top coat on, I saw cracks - exactly as shown previously on Teeni Weeni Martini.  It wasn't visible as it sounds but could really show in pictures.  I thought it was a reaction to certain brands of polishes.  So I tested another manicure with a different brand of polish, it still came out like that, as below ....
 This picture was taken on the 5th day of this manicure.  I actually forgot to take a picture when I first put it on, so I removed this and re-did it, that's why this picture isn't the same as the ones shown at the top of this post.

Like I said, they aren't that visible in real life but really stand out in pictures.  Will I ever use this again?  Of course, I will !!  Why?  Look at the durability !!!  The Teeni Weeni Martini pictures were taken on the 3rd day & Malibu Playhouse pics on the 5th day of wear & tear.  I had been repotting multiple orchids (10+), housework etc ... and did them all with my bare hands - no gloves ... so what more do I need to say?   Seriously it was wear & tear with these manicures.  Durability vs cracks, I'd pick durability for sure.  

Well, that wraps it up for this review.  Don't miss the Part 1 review here.  Lastly, Sara was so generous and gave my readers a coupon code, BOOMBASTIC30, which grants 30% off the whole entire order until May 31, 2014!  THANK YOU SO MUCH SARA !!!

Thank you for dropping by :)

**product provided for my honest review**


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