About us

I wanted to share our zoo with you.  Here they are in the order they were picked up/rescued. They are fed BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) and it is the BEST diet you could ever treat your pet friends.

First up, we have Maximus aka Muck (don't you give your furry friends lots of names?) - 150+lbs - a 7 year old German Rottweiler - pic was taken right after his bath.

Jan 29, 2005 ~ Dec 26, 2012 - We love you, Max !!
Boomba aka Boomshka - 130+lbs - a 7 year old American Rottweiler - pic was taken right after her bath - now we know where I got the name for my blog?  We picked these 2 dogs up from 2 different breeders on the same day.
 Momo - aka Momochi - a 6 year old Tabby - somebody threw him in our backyard and the dogs found him.  He was only 4 weeks old and weighed less than a pound.  He was scared and kept crying and crying, until today I could still hear his cry in my head.  My first cat ever and his attitude is exactly what I thought a cat would be - stuck up !!
Riley aka Rileyster - a 6 year old Maine coon - a 6 month old rescued from Petsmart - he got hit by a car and it messed up his face and jaw.  Shelters don't usually operate since it is expensive but they did due to his sweet personality.  Glad they did because he is just a sweet kitty !!  He still has a hard time eating and chewing bones but he gets enough to eat.
Syler aka Sybo kitty - a 6 years old Tabby - was rescued from Petsmart at 6 weeks old - he is VERY smart which makes him a BRAT.  He's very food driven.  We have 2 chairs in front of the pantry to block him from entering, trash can is hidden in the bathroom & the garbage disposal has to be always empty.  He trains us well !!
 Kiki aka Kiconian - a 7 year old Tortie - was rescued from Petsmart at a year old - she was there for over a month and I felt so bad.  No life living in a small cage for such a long time so we took her in.  She doesn't get along with others but at least she has some space to run around.  I wonder if she's happy sometimes.  The other 3 cats were adopted at a young age so they do get along with the doggies.


Lacquer Lockdown said...

Wow Vicky I had no idea you had so many pets! Sheez it's a small farm over there ;)

Boombastic Nails said...

Oh yes !! It gets hectic sometimes but I do enjoy them a whole LOT :)

Rochelle said...

I love your family, they are beautiful!!! I also have extra names for my kids with four legs. And - love your blog - I just found it tonight and I am in LOVE!!! You are very talented and have beatiful nails.

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

Yay I'm not alone of having extra names for our pets :). Thank you so much Rochelle for your sweet comment :)

Chris B said...

I too have multiple names for my babies. Our deaf white cat has 6 last time I checked - he doesn't hear us anyway. Love them all so.

Had a new one show up tonight (we live in a rural area where a lot are dropped). He's being fed/watered/and has a wool bed but I have to find him a permanent home - I'm out of room.

I wonder if animal children and nail polish obsession are connected? Enjoy your blog!

Vicky Boombastic Nails said...

I'm sorry to hear about the little kitty and sure hope you'll find him a nice permanent home. It's just sad to keep hearing about abandoned furry friends !! Thank you so much Chris :)

Nail Girl said...

Aww I love your animals! I'd love to have a Rottie one day :)